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They say if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Well, I’m not sure about that since sometimes my days feel like work. Hard work. But, I love what I do and I love where I do it.

1. I get to feel like a superhero!

Seriously, when people are in distress they call me, and I fix the problem fast. Most people are really happy to see me when I arrive, and who doesn’t love that. That’s pretty darned, super-hero cool. Actually, when people are TRULY in distress, when babies are locked in a car and parents are freaking out. I tell the parents not to worry about the charge, if I can get over there faster that the local fire department, I’ll be right over and get the kid out ASAP, free of charge. If I’m farther away, I’ll make sure the fire department or another one of my fellow superhero locksmiths can get there fast. My accountant may have a dent in his forehead about this particular policy, but that’s why I like being the boss. Feeling like a superhero and causing headaches for accountants (pssst, just kidding, Mike Downs, you are an amazing accountant).

2. I get to work with my hands.

This may seem trivial, but honestly, I love tinkering, I have since I was a kid. Forget video games, I was playing Legos or tinker toys. You can keep your Sudoku, I’m busy building a radio from random broken stuff. Working with my hands, cutting laser keys and working with the machines to create something that will help people makes me happy. It’s a huge part of what makes this my dream job.

3. I get to travel.

I love my mobile work station, it’s like a slightly less cool but WAY more portable version of the bat cave, it’s got tons of cool toys that make high end laser keys and alarm systems. It may not look as cool as the bat-mobile, but I love my Broadway-Lock-And-Key-Mobile. Much of my job is traveling from place to place, and it’s awesome to have the window down, basking in the sunshine and playing the Stones at top volume while singing along (apologies to my fellow commuters, I sure I sound like a pole-cat stuck up a tree).

If I’m forced to say something that I don’t like about by job…

First I have to talk about the family curse. You see, my entire family is cursed with genetics that keep us getting carded well into our 40’s. I AM a grown-up, I promise. I know I look like a teenager, but I’m a married man in my 30’s.

I can’t tell you how many people ask to speak to my boss if they want to sell me something. Even if it’s for an awesome reason “Hey great job, tell your boss I am really impressed.” It’s embarrassing to have to explain that I AM the owner of the company, not a 17 year old summer employee, sigh.

Anyway, I just wanted to thank everyone who uses Broadway Lock and Key for helping me be the happiest super-locksmith in Denver!

Have a wonderful summer everyone!


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