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Residential Keyless Locks

In the past, these keyless systems have been used mainly for commercial applications. However, as the cost of keyless systems has decreased and their aesthetic quality has increased over the years, more homeowners are waking up to the benefits of keyless entry systems for their homes.

One of the most important influences on your home’s level of security is the type of locks you use. Traditional key and lock systems come with a number of drawbacks that affect both the quality of protection provided, as well as the level of convenience they offer to the user. Keyless entry systems can help resolve those issues.

For instance, traditional locks can be picked or “bumped”. There is always the possibility of an intruder gaining access to your home using a lost or stolen key or one that has been copied without your knowledge or consent. Anytime your keys are not in your possession, there is the risk that someone else has access to them. This also means they have access to your home. For all of these reasons and more, many people are starting to turn away from traditional key and lock systems in favor of easier-to-use, more secure keyless entry systems. 

Types Of Keypad Locks

Keyless entry locks can pretty much be broken down into three categories: mechanical, electronic, and smart lock. Within each of these categories, various locks employ a number of different innovations and components but the basic interface will likely fall into one of these three categories.

Keyless entry locks


These types of keypad locks are probably the ones you are most familiar with. The feature analog buttons, often made of solid metal, with corresponding numbers. When pressed in the proper sequence, they disengage the locking mechanism, usually a deadbolt, to allow entry into the premises.

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These keyless entry systems are electronic versions of the mechanical systems described above. They feature an electronic push-button or touchscreen interface that allows you to input your code to disengage the locking mechanism and gain entry to your home.

While these push-button interfaces are the most common forms of electronic keyless entry, biometric systems are quickly gaining popularity as they become more affordable to the average homeowner. Biometric systems use unique physical characteristics such as fingerprint or retinal scan data to confirm authorization to open a lock.

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Smart Lock

There are very few facets of our daily lives that have not been impacted by the advent of wireless “smart technology”. Everything from your bank account to your fridge can now be connected to devices such as smartphones or tablets – Smart Locks are no exception.

Imagine being able to send digital “keys” for your home to your trusted friends from your tablet, unlock your doors with a push of a button on your phone, or open your doors from work to allow for deliveries or to let your children in after school.

These incredibly innovative locks offer a wide range of features that add unbelievable layers of convenience to home security and there are so many innovations out there that they would require a whole guide of their own to even scratch the surface of the features available. Not to mention the fact that manufacturers are creating new innovations every day!

Benefits Of Keyless Locks

Now that we are familiar with the types of keyless entry systems available, let’s take a look at the benefits they offer:

Easily the most obvious benefit of a keyless entry system is the fact that it provides convenient access to your home. Everyone has been in a situation where they found themselves fumbling with their keys while trying to get into their house or arriving at their door only to find they have left the keys somewhere else or lost them.With a keyless entry system, you’ll never have to worry about these issues again. You just need to remember a code, scan your thumb, or push a button on your mobile device before you ever even leave the car to unlock your doors.

These days, it’s incredibly common for children to be home alone for at least a few hours a day after school and children are extremely prone to losing keys throughout their school day. With a keypad lock, you will never have to worry about your children being locked out of the home while you are at work and, with a smart lock, you can even verify that they have made it home from school safely with a simple glance at your phone.

Traditional key and lock systems suffer from their capacity to be picked or “bumped”. By using these methods, skilled thieves can gain access to your home without keys and, in the case of “bumping”, there would be no sign of tampering to indicate they had ever done so. Since “bumped” locks show no sign of tampering, you also might not be able to prove to your insurance company that a theft has even occurred!

Electronic and smart locks can be scheduled to lock and unlock at set times. This means you could set your doors to lock at a specific time of the night so you never have to worry about whether you forgot to lock the doors before you turn in for the night.

One of the major drawbacks of a keyed entry system is the fact that a key can easily be duplicated without your knowledge with a simple trip to the nearest hardware store. Since entry into your home is based on an intangible element like a biometric signature, code, or signal from a mobile device, there is no chance of a thief duplicating a means of entry.

Traditional key and lock systems suffer wear and tear from repeated entry and manipulation of the key in the lock. Over time, this can lead to any number of problems such as loose locks, stuck keys, and faulty tumblers. Since these problems are not present in keyless systems, you can expect a much longer, more convenient service life from your locks.

Want To Learn More About Keyless Entry Systems For Your Home Or Business?

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