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Safe Repair in Denver, CO

Safes provide the homeowner with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your valuable heirlooms, photos, and documents are completely protected from fire, theft, flooding, or other natural disasters. That is why they are such an integral part of any home’s security program.

Thanks to technological advances in a variety of fields, safes have become smaller, stronger, cheaper, and a great deal more common in American households. Once the domain of the wealthy, safes are now as common in average households across the country as security cameras or automatic lighting.

However, the increased complexity of safe design has also led to an increase in the potential for something to go wrong. That’s where we come in!

Broadway Lock And Key: Your First Choice for a Denver Locksmith

We are a locally operated company owned by a Colorado native, and we have built our reputation in the Denver Metro area over the years thanks to our dedication to quality, integrity, customer service, and civic pride.

We set ourselves apart from other locksmithing companies by placing our emphasis on customer satisfaction and a policy of open communication and honesty in all of our dealings. Unlike less-reputable locksmithing companies you may have heard of, we will never engage in dishonest bait-and-switch pricing schemes like those you may have seen on the local news over the years.

When we quote you a price for any of our services, that quote is set in stone. We will never try to sell you services you don’t need and our craftsmanship is always of the highest quality. We go out of our way to ensure that you get exactly the service you need, and nothing less than the best will do.

Common Safe Problems

Our master locksmiths have all of the tools and expertise needed to service nearly any make and model of safe available on the market today. There are any number of problems that can arise with your safe, but here are some of the most common reasons our customers might require our services:

  • Structural Damage To The Body Of The Safe
  • Lost Or Stolen Keys
  • Forgotten Combinations
  • Broken Keys Lodged In The Lock
  • Key Will Not Enter The Lock
  • Key Will Not Turn Or Is Difficult To Turn
  • Safe Has Dead Batteries
  • Jammed Mechanism
  • Safe’s Bolts Won’t Throw
  • Door Will Not Close Or Is Binding
  • Lock Has Seized

Although these are just a few of the most common issues with safes, there are any number of other problems that you might be experiencing. Luckily we have the equipment and know-how to fix them all!

Contact Us Today!

If you live in the Denver Metro area or one of its surrounding communities and your safe could use a little attention from the pros, don’t hesitate to call Broadway Key and Lock today!

Simply call, email, or stop by our offices to arrange for our mobile locksmithing unit to visit your home. Our master locksmiths will provide you with an honest assessment of your safe’s condition and offer you a range of options for how to go about fixing the issue as economically and efficiently as possible.

We work on all types of security safes including:

Antique Safes
Bank Vaults & Bank Safes
Data Safes
Depository Safes
Designer Safes
Electronic Safes
File Cabinets
Fire Safes
Floor Safes
Gun Safes
High Security Safes
Jewelry Safes
Key Safes
Residential Safes
Round Door Safes
Teller Safes
Walls Safes
And more

We repair, service, open & change combinations, on all major brands including:

A&B, Aaron, Adesco, Access, Adesco, Air-Link, Allied, American Security (AmSec), American Vault, Ambassador, Amsec, Arca, Arfe, Ark, Royal, Armor, Art Metal, Baum, Bernardini, Big Horn, Bischoff, Blue Dot, Bode Panzer, Brinks, Brown, Browning, Bumil, Cabels’s, Cannon, Cary, Cencon, Centurion, Chatwood-Milner, Chubb, Cincy, City Safe, Cole, Collier, CSS, De-La-Rue, Diebold, Diplomat, Duet, Eagle, Eclipse, EMO, Empire, Esecutive, Evans & Watson, EXL, Farrel, Fichet, Fichet-Bauche, Format, Fort Knox, Fortis, Fortress, Fujitse, Gardall, Gardex, Gary, General Firproofing, Giant, Glory, Gross-Feibel, Guardian, Hadaikan, Hall Marvin, Halls, Hamilton, Hassendorder, Hayman, Heritage, Hermann, Herring, HHM, Hollon, Hyosung, Inkas, International, ISM, Israeli Lion, Israsafe, Johnson-Pacific, John Tann, Kaso, Keystone, Knight, Kromer, Kumahira, LeFebure, LaGard, Lefebure, Liberty, Lillie, Linus Yale, Lips, LSDA, Major, Mancini, Marvin, Mas-Hamilton, Mauer, Maximum, Mcaskey, McGunn, Mega Safe, Meilink, Miller, Modern Steel, Mosler, Mutual, MVPl, National, NCR, NKL, Oliver Evans, Original, Overly, Paragon, Patriot, Primat, Rand, Reliance, Remington, Rosengrens, S&G, Safe Cabinet, Safeguard, Saga, Sanlic, Schwab, Scientist Safe Cabinet, Securifort, Security Steel, Sentry, Seyma, Shaw-walker, Sisco, SLS, Smart Box, Smith Security, Sportsman Steel, Stack-on, Star, Stratford, Stiffel & Freeman, Surefire, Surimax, Syracuse, Tann, Tarlaris, Tidel, Traum, Tuffy, United Safe Co., U.S. Security, Victor, Vault Structures, Vector, Watson, Wehrle, Wilders, Wilson, Winchester, Wincor-Cineo, Worldwide Safe, WRG, Yawman & Erbe, York

Contact us today to find out what Broadway Key And Lock can do for you!

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