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Mailbox Lock


Depending on where you live in Colorado it is very possible that you have a mailbox lock.  With the way neighborhoods are now being built you usually have a community mailbox station.  The majority of apartments have locking mailboxes as well.  Mailbox locks are a great way to keep your mail safe from those who may wish to steal your important documents.  While it is great to have a mailbox lock, the most unfortunate time is when you lose your mailbox key, or the mailbox key simply does not work.

DO NOT CALL THE POST OFFICE.  Your first thought will be to call the post office simply because they are the ones that deliver your mail, so they can fix the problem.  They can’t do anything for you.  They usually insert the mail through a slot at the top of each box, or they have a master key that only works to open all the boxes up.

Instead call your landlord, or give Broadway Lock and Key a call.  With permission from the owner we can be your mailbox locksmith and repair the mailbox lock so that you can retrieve your mail.  This very common problem requires our techs to keep the parts stocked in the van.  Our techs can come to your location and fix the mail box in a quick and correct manner the first time.

Do not waste any more time struggling to get your mail, instead let us come fix your problem and keep you mail safe.  If you have questions or would like to make an appointment to deal with your mailbox lockout in Denver, contact Broadway Lock and Key today!

We are your local mailbox locksmith in the Denver Metro area!

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