POSTED BY Jean W | Mar, 24, 2017 |

At Broadway Lock and Key we understand the importance of security for you and your family.

Let us provide the peace of mind and reliable security that you deserve.  We are proud to provide the best residential locksmith service in the Denver area. From mailboxes to mansions, we provide fast, professional, reliable work.

Burglaries, break-ins and theft from residential properties are a sad and all-too-common fact of modern life in America today.

And, as a Colorado resident, did you know that the FBI “Uniform Crime Reports” confirm that you are more than twice as likely to be burgled than to have your vehicle stolen?

That is why it is vital to protect your home, garage and outbuildings from even the most determined of intruders and to deter casual opportunists by hiring a locksmith in Denver.

We also provide comprehensive; rapid-response services to home owners who have lost their keys, need their locks repaired or replaced in a pinch.
So, Whether You Are Just Moving In, Building From Scratch Or Are Simply Determined Not To Become Just Another Statistic,

call us today at (303) 578-8539 or click here and we’ll make sure that your home is protected, secure and safe.