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A security safe is the best way to protect your valuables from theft, fire, or natural disasters but a safe is only as good as the lock that seals it. When a security safe lock starts to malfunction, it’s important to take steps to remedy the problem immediately. Many people believe that the lock they have on their safe is the lock they are stuck with and if they want to replace or upgrade that lock, they will have to buy a whole new safe. Luckily, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

In fact, a knowledgeable locksmith with the proper training and expertise is fully capable of replacing or upgrading the locks on almost any make or model of security safe on the market and save you the cost of a total security safe replacement in the process.

Reasons To Replace Or Upgrade Your Safe’s Lock

There are many reasons why you might want to replace or upgrade the locks on your safe including:

  • Heightened Security

    Many people like to upgrade the locking mechanisms on their mechanical safes to more secure ones such as double locking systems, biometric locks, or to change mechanical locks out for more secure electronic models.

    Older key locks can be comparatively easy to pick compared to modern high-security key locks and many people choose to upgrade these safes with new high-security key locks that are virtually unpickable.

  • Convenience

    Many people like to change out older locks for newer locks with enhanced features. There are a number of modern improvements to locks such as locks that offer records of access, timed locks that only open at appointed times, or are simply easier and quicker to open through quicker combination input methods such as biometrics or keypad locks.

  • Malfunction

    There are a number of problems that can occur with a safe’s lock that warrant the replacement of the mechanism. Tampering by thieves, bolts that won’t throw, sticking doors, doors that won’t close, and seized locking mechanisms are just a few of the ways a security safe can malfunction.

    In many cases, these problems can be repaired but sometimes there is nothing left to do but cut your losses and replace the lock.

  • Aesthetics

    Some people like the way an old-fashioned safe looks but would prefer the added layer of security that the latest technological advances can provide. By replacing the old locks on an antique safe, you can have that classic look without sacrificing security and convenience.


Are You Looking To Upgrade Or Replace Your Safe’s Locks?

Whether you have a malfunctioning lock or simply want added functionality for your security safe, Broadway Lock And Key has the knowledge and expertise to meet all your needs. Whether it’s fixing a seized lock, upgrading your gun safe to a biometric system, or increasing the security capabilities or convenience of your business’ safe, we have what it takes to get the job done right every time.

We have been providing quality locksmithing services to the Denver area for over 13 years and our reputation speaks for itself. So why not contact us today for your free consultation and find out why Broadway Lock And Key is Denver’s premier locksmithing service?


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