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American Security Safes in Denver Colorado

Safe installation in local Denver business.

Safes are a fantastic way to protect your valuables from children, robbers, floods, and fires.  There are many different types of safes, and based on your needs it can be a hard decision on what to get.  Here at Broadway Lock and Key we can assess your needs and help you pick a safe that will best fulfill your needs.  Not only can we help you decide what kind of safe to get, but you can by the safe right through us.  We have very competitive pricing, and we can ensure you get the safe you want.

We also would love to help you fix your current safe.  If you are locked out, need the combination changed, need new keys, or need the locked repaired then we can help you.  Our techs have great experience and vast resources.  We will help you with your safe needs.

Our service is mobile, so we will come straight to you.  There will be no funny business with you trying to figure a way to get your safe out of its place or taking the valuable contents out of the safety of your home.  We have competitive and honest pricing to help you get on your way.

Safe Services we Offer:

We perform the following kinds of services on a variety of different safes:

We work on all types of security safes including:

Antique Safes
Bank Vaults & Bank Safes
Data Safes
Depository Safes
Designer Safes
Electronic Safes
File Cabinets
Fire Safes
Floor Safes
Gun Safes
High Security Safes
Jewelry Safes
Key Safes
Residential Safes
Round Door Safes
Teller Safes
Walls Safes
And more

We repair, service, open & change combinations, on all major brands including:

A&B, Aaron, Adesco, Access, Adesco, Air-Link, Allied, American Security (AmSec), American Vault, Ambassador, Amsec, Arca, Arfe, Ark, Royal, Armor, Art Metal, Baum, Bernardini, Big Horn, Bischoff, Blue Dot, Bode Panzer, Brinks, Brown, Browning, Bumil, Cabels’s, Cannon, Cary, Cencon, Centurion, Chatwood-Milner, Chubb, Cincy, City Safe, Cole, Collier, CSS, De-La-Rue, Diebold, Diplomat, Duet, Eagle, Eclipse, EMO, Empire, Esecutive, Evans & Watson, EXL, Farrel, Fichet, Fichet-Bauche, Format, Fort Knox, Fortis, Fortress, Fujitse, Gardall, Gardex, Gary, General Firproofing, Giant, Glory, Gross-Feibel, Guardian, Hadaikan, Hall Marvin, Halls, Hamilton, Hassendorder, Hayman, Heritage, Hermann, Herring, HHM, Hollon, Hyosung, Inkas, International, ISM, Israeli Lion, Israsafe, Johnson-Pacific, John Tann, Kaso, Keystone, Knight, Kromer, Kumahira, LeFebure, LaGard, Lefebure, Liberty, Lillie, Linus Yale, Lips, LSDA, Major, Mancini, Marvin, Mas-Hamilton, Mauer, Maximum, Mcaskey, McGunn, Mega Safe, Meilink, Miller, Modern Steel, Mosler, Mutual, MVPl, National, NCR, NKL, Oliver Evans, Original, Overly, Paragon, Patriot, Primat, Rand, Reliance, Remington, Rosengrens, S&G, Safe Cabinet, Safeguard, Saga, Sanlic, Schwab, Scientist Safe Cabinet, Securifort, Security Steel, Sentry, Seyma, Shaw-walker, Sisco, SLS, Smart Box, Smith Security, Sportsman Steel, Stack-on, Star, Stratford, Stiffel & Freeman, Surefire, Surimax, Syracuse, Tann, Tarlaris, Tidel, Traum, Tuffy, United Safe Co., U.S. Security, Victor, Vault Structures, Vector, Watson, Wehrle, Wilders, Wilson, Winchester, Wincor-Cineo, Worldwide Safe, WRG, Yawman & Erbe, York

Call us today so we can come help you out of your situation.  If you have questions or would like to make an appointment contact Broadway Lock and Key today! We are your local locksmith in the Denver Metro area!

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