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Being able to unlock your car and get in without ever having to use a key is not only a time saver, but a convenience we do not ever want to live without.  If your keyless remote stops working in any way (nothing happens when you push buttons, a button does not do what it is supposed to, or one of the buttons stops working) we can help.  We program factory remotes for your car, truck, or SUV.  You can have a remote that looks brand new, and does the job it was created to do.  If you lost your remote, or it simply does not work let us come to you and fix your problem.

We can program most makes and models.   Call or email with your make and model and we will come out to your vehicle and program the new remote for your convenience.


Our techs are experienced and they have the knowledge to program your remote the right way and quickly leaving you with less stress.  We are in the Denver Metro area making it easy to get to wherever your location is in Aurora and Denver.

Contact Broadway Lock and Key today! We are your local locksmith in the Denver Metro area!

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