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Lock Repair

Regardless of the type of residential lock you have, we are able repair your door lock if it is not functioning correctly.

If your lock is repairable, we will repair it.  We stock both common and rare parts and locks to help solve your lock problem as quick and efficiently as possible.

We pride ourselves on honesty and workmanship.  We will give you an honest quote, and work with you to solve your problem.  If we can fix your residential lock we will, and if not we will work with you to install a new lock that will solve your issue quickly.

Our techs repair residential locks frequently.  With a high degree of skill, they will provide you with the knowledge and expertise to get your home secure again.

Here are some of the most common door lock issues that we see.

Misaligned Door Latch

This is where the latch does not align with the strike plate. The result of this is a door that does not close properly.

Ways to fix this minor issue can include adjusting the strike plate or deepening the plate. There are some instances where an adjustment is not possible. In that situation we would look to re-position the door and align it with a new lock.

Key Turns But Lock Does Not Function Properly

This is likely a lock mechanism failure due to worn or displaced parts. Often in this case the simplest approach is replacement of the components of the lock or the lock itself.

Key Does Not Turn in Lock & Key May Be Stuck in the Lock

This is a common issue, and forcing the key to turn can lead to a broken key stuck in the keyhole. We will look to fix the lock first, or replace the lock.

Warped Door

Weather and humidity conditions can change the size and shape of a door. Warped doors are normally an easy fix by a skilled technician.

If you have questions or would like to make an appointment contact Broadway Lock and Key in Denver today! We are your local Denver locksmith in the Metro area!

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