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commercial keyless entry systems

Many people have heard of keyless entry systems. They typically come in the form of cards to open doors or key fobs to unlock vehicles. However, business owners can also use commercial keyless entry systems. This is because they allow them to have much more control over their premises. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how these entry systems work.

What Is A Keyless Entry System?

A keyless entry system is something that seems quite self-explanatory. However, a system such as this is a little more complicated than you might think. A keyless entry system is one that allows you to have control over your premises. Using technology to help you access your premises, they will do a number of things for your business:

Keyless entry systems offer you more than card systems and key fobs do. This is because they can be considered to be completely keyless. However, systems that use smartphones allow the user to have a keyless experience. This is because most people carry a smartphone to work with them. This means they won’t need to make sure they have something else with them when they’re on they’re way to work. As long as they have their smartphone with them, they can gain entry.

Why Would You Want A Keyless Entry System For Your Business?

There are many different reasons why you might want a keyless entry system for your business. They include:

Complete access control

As a business owner, you will ultimately have control over who can and cannot enter your premises. An entry system such as this also allows you to track arrival and exit times. In addition to this, you can change entry and exit permission. Finally, you will also be able to keep your business premises secure when the working day is done. This means your building could less accessible to those who want to break in.

The ability to track data

Did you know that you can track data via your keyless entry system? This is because you can keep a track of anyone who enters the premises. In addition to this, you will have access to data which tracks employee attendance, who visited and when, and the number of people in the building. You will also be alerted if anyone tries to access your premises when they are not authorized.

Employee safety

Did you know that you can help your employees to stay safe using keyless entry? You can do this by ensuring that the building is automatically locked as soon as each of your employees has entered. This can also help to ensure that equipment and sensitive materials are less likely to be stolen. As you can see, using a keyless entry system can have multiple benefits.

Building security

Every year, hundreds if not thousands of people lose their keys. Keys can be stolen and copied which allows the thief to gain access. In addition to this, you will also need to make sure that anyone who leaves the company returns their key. The good news is that with a keyless entry system, you can control who has access to the building.

The convenience

Commercial keyless entry systems are very convenient. They are relatively easy to use and allow access within a matter of moments. You won’t need to fumble in a bag or pocket for your key online to find you’ve used the wrong one.

These systems are also convenient as they allow your employees to gain access to their office and other areas of the building. They also ensure those who should not be in certain areas are kept away.

What are Some of the Different Styles / Types of Keyless Entry Systems?

While many people think of smartphones when they hear the term “Keyless entry systems”, there are other styles and types, these include:

Access control cards

Access control cards are relatively easy to use. They do not have any remote capabilities but they can be used from a short distance. RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology can work quite well in commercial buildings. With the ability to assign and also deactivate access when cards are stolen, lost, or no longer required, they can be simple to use.

App-based or smartphone-based

Using an app on a phone, users are given entry. Access is granted when they are close to the door, or when they select an option on their phone. Systems such as this are often fully-customizable and are ideal if you have differing security needs.

Biometric Access Control

A system such as this allows access by using facial structures or fingerprints. Biometric access control allows you to make use of increased security. However, a system such as this can be a lot more expensive than other keyless systems. If you are willing to pay extra for biometric systems you’ll find that they’re very easy to use. Simply press a finger or thumb on the pad and gain easy entry. Alternatively, you could have a part or all of your face scanned to gain quick and easy entry.

Key Fobs

Key fobs allow the user to unlock a door when they are close by. Using RFID (Radio frequency identification), the key fobs transmit data which unlocks the lock. One of the benefits of using key fobs is they can be activated remotely and for different doors. This is convenient as it allows your employees to gain access to their office and other areas of the building. They also ensure those who should not be in certain areas are kept away.

RFID Technology

Radio frequency identification is made up of a reader and a card or a tag. The RFID chip is found in the card, for example. In order to retrieve the data, the card will need to be scanned. A reader will scan the card using radio waves. When the card is close to the reader the data that is contained on that card is read.

RFID and Magnets

Many magnetic locks and mechanisms use RFID cards. This is because they are very reliable and they are not hacked very often. In addition to this, magnetic locks are fairly easy to install, which is why they are often used by commercial businesses. To install a magnetic lock, all that is needed is an armature plate and an electromagnet. They are typically installed in the door frame and at the top of the door. The reason for these locations is that they provide easy access to an electrical circuit.

When the electromagnet is energized the armature plate will be attracted to it. In other words, the magnet is activated. The force that the magnet creates is so strong that the door cannot be opened.

If the power were to go out, the door would stay unlocked. This is because the electromagnet needs power to work. This means that your employees can leave the building in the event of a fire or another emergency.

RFID and remote access

Magnetic locks can be accessed remotely using a control system. The system works in such a way that every employee’s identity will be verified. This ensures the door will only ever be unlocked for authorized users. It also means that no-one will have to spend 5 minutes looking for the right key. As long as they have the fob, card, or app that they need they can unlock the door within a matter of seconds.

Employee Turnover

If you run a large business you might be used to seeing the occasional turnover of employees. We already know that asking former employees to return their keys isn’t always as easy as it should be. Some disgruntled employees might refuse to return their keys, others might simply throw theirs away. This is where having a commercial keyless entry system can make a real difference.

When you know your premises are secure thanks to your keyless system you won’t need to worry about former employees gaining access. In addition to this, you won’t need to worry about keys being copied and falling into criminal’s hands.

Removing Authorization

When someone leaves their position at your company you can remove their authorization to enter. This can be done quickly and easily. It usually involves the press of a button or two and access is no longer granted. You can do this for employees and visitors to your premises. This means you can have total authority over who has access to your building at all times.

Technology seems to becoming more and more advanced. We are now offered simple but effective solutions to everyday problems. There’s a real potential for commercial keyless entry systems to offer you and your business a better level of security. Its ease of use and the fact that you can have complete control makes life easier for commercial business owners everywhere.

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