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jewelery-safe with open doorSecurity Safe Purchasing Guide

There was a time when the only demand for safes came from businesses like banks and hotels or wealthier private citizens. Back then, safes where rather expensive and most people didn’t have anything to protect that was valuable enough to warrant the expense – but times have changed.

Over the years, technological advances and increasing demand brought about by a number of factors, including political instability and the rising frequency natural disasters, have brought the price of security safes into reach for residential buyers.

Why Buy A Security Safe?

There are many reasons why the average homeowner might want to consider purchasing a safe, some of them less obvious than others. The fact that a safe offers peace of mind and protection from theft is obviously the most common reason to have a safe in your home, but there are other very compelling reasons to own one. Here are a few of the most common:

Safes As Protection Against Fire Damage

A house fire is easy one of the most disastrous events a homeowner could suffer through. Everything you own, your home, can vanish in an instant. While a safe may not be able to protect the structure, there is no reason why you should lose. Even installing a small safe in your home to store your most cherished valuables, whether they are family photos, heirlooms, or simply the documents you will need to get started on rebuilding your life and recovering from your tragedy, can help ease the heartache and devastation of a house fire. Read more about fireproof safes here.

Safes As Protection From Water Damage

Floods, plumbing disasters, and leaking roofs, among other things, can put your valuables at risk of water damage. Family photos, art, and textile heirlooms are just a few of the items that are most at risk in the event of flooding events. Having a water-tight safe offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing these items will all be safe and sound when you are finally able to retrieve them again.

Safes As Protection From Theft

Aside from the financial loss of stolen valuables, there are wider, more disturbing implications that come with having your home burglarized. As if losing your valuables isn’t bad enough, thieves can also steal documents from your home that contain extremely sensitive information that could be leveraged into further crimes, such as identity theft or fraud. By storing your valuables and documents in a security safe, you can rest assured that both your valuables and your identity/accounts are safe.

Mildew And Mold Damage

Many people don’t consider the fact that mold and mildew can damage their important documents and other items that are susceptible to these issues. By storing vulnerable items in a safe, you can keep them safe from the humidity and spores that promote the growth of these damaging agents.

Damage From Vermin

The damage that vermin such as mice and insects can inflict on certain valuables and documents is immeasurable. Mice, rats, moths, and various insects will all happily make a meal of your most treasured goods and documents. Luckily, safe-cracking is a skill set that is a little bit beyond your average mouse!

Forgetful Misplacement

Forgetfulness is a fact of life. One of the most annoying ways to lose something valuable is to do just that, simply lose it out of forgetfulness. By storing all of your important documents and valuables in one secure place, you will always know exactly where they are and that they are completely safe.

Inconvenient Access

Without a safe in the home, you might be storing your valuables in a remote location, such as a safe deposit box. While this is a great way to keep your items and documents safe, it can be a bit of an inconvenience to retrieve them whenever you’d like.

With a home security safe, you can have all of the benefits of a safe deposit box without all of the hassle.

There are many different types of safes.  Here at Broadway Lock and Key we like to help you when figuring out where to buy a safe in Denver and figure out which one will fit your needs.  Below is a description of the most common different types of safes we offer.  If there is one you have in mind that we do not have listed please contact us so we can find you what you are looking for.

As we mentioned earlier, safes have come a long way from the days of giant, metallic monstrosities hulking in the corner of a business or hidden in the basements of the wealthy. Nowadays, there are a variety of safes, each with its own purpose and affordably priced.

Here are a few of the most common types of safe and what they are best used for:

Drop Safes

These safes are designed to allow easy entry of documents or paper currency into the safe while at the same time completely barring any further access to the safe. They feature a slot that allows you to slide documents into the safe and a baffled design that prevents anyone from “fishing” the placed items back out.

These safes are most commonly employed by businesses who want an easy, safe way to store cash or sensitive documents on demand without, having to worry about the items being removed by unauthorized persons.

This type of safe is extremely common, inexpensive and, when properly installed, virtually impenetrable.

When Buying a drop safe, it is important to consider the nature of the items you will be placing in it. Flat items, such as documents or single bills of currency, require only a simple slotted entry system, while larger items might require a design that incorporates a drawer.

A drop slot safe is a safe where there is a rectangle hole at the top or door that you pull down and when you close it whatever was sitting there drops down into the safe.  This type of safe is a very common, and we can help you get an affordable one!

drop-safe demonstrating drop slot
drop-safe with two combination doors
record-safe 5 different models

This is the most common and, therefore, most affordable type of safe out there. For that reason, they are also the most common type of safe found in private residences, although they are also frequently used in hotels.

These relatively simple safes are usually designed with a single door entry and a locking mechanism, usually a keypad, making these safes extremely easy to use. Just open the door, place your items inside, and close the door back up.

These safes come in a variety of sizes with various locking mechanisms to choose from. Talk with your dealer about how you plan to use your safe, so they can help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

Record safes are also very common safe.  It is most commonly seen in hotels and are on the cheaper end for consumers to purchase.  This safe most commonly is opened by a key or a keypad, and has one main door to open.  Once the door is open you can put valuables in or remove them, then lock your safe back up.  This is the most common type of safe meaning it is also the most affordable.

Gun safes are the best way to keep your firearms out of the hands of unauthorized adults or curious children. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes with all sorts of locking mechanisms, ranging from simple combination locks to advanced biometric locks that use eye or fingerprint scans to verify your authorization to open the safe quickly in the event of an emergency.

The type of gun safe you buy will depend on the number and type of firearms you own. A professional safe dealer will be able to listen to your needs and help you find the best safe to meet them.

Gun safes come in all shapes and sizes with many different ways to get into the safe and secure it.  To open the safe many use keys, key pads, combination locks, or finger print identification.  We can help you pick out the appropriate size and the best way to keep your guns protected and safe.

Gun safe display - 3 models
jewelery-safe with open door
jewelery-safe with drawers and open shelves

Jewelry safes are very similar in design and appearance to record safes. Usually, the main difference is that jewelry safes often employ internal drawers or other organizational features specifically designed to store jewelry.

They are a great way to conveniently store your jewels without having to resort to a safe deposit box. This means you won’t have to take an extra trip to an outside institution to retrieve your jewelry when you want to wear it, while still having the peace of mind that comes with knowing it is safe from theft or damage.

These safes come in a variety of designs with a wide array of locking mechanisms to choose from. Talking with a qualified dealer is the best way to find the right safe for your needs and budget.

Jewelry safes are very similar to record safes.  These safes most commonly have a combination lock on the front with a handle to turn to open the safe.  Once the safe is open there is plenty of space and storage to keep you valuable jewelry.  We can help you pick the best jewelry safe to fit your needs.

The best way to ensure the safety of your valuables is to make sure that the thief never even realizes that they exist!

Even the most thorough thief needs to work quickly and doesn’t have the luxury of checking every book, soda can, ventilation register, and clock to make sure they aren’t actually a secret stash of valuables. Realizing this, modern safe designers have managed to produce an unending array of extremely secure, practically invisible home safes.

If you’re looking for safe that blends in with its surroundings, whether for added security or aesthetics, there is a camouflaged safe out there that’s perfect for you!

A Shocking Way To Hide Your Valuables. Even the best thieves cannot break into a safe they cannot find. Nearly every room in most houses contains several electrical outlets, clocks, or vents along the walls, so thieves will never think to look behind them for a household safe. These disguised safes look like ordinary covers, but behind it is a secure place to hide money, jewelry, and other valuables – in plain sight. Installation is easy; give us a call for more details.

hidden safe vent style
hidden safe clock style
hidden safe socket style

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If you’re in the Denver area and considering a new safe for your home, why settle for less than the best? Broadway Lock and Key is Denver’s premier dealer of residential and commercial security safes.

We’ve been in operation for over 13 years and our staff of master locksmiths has all of the knowledge and expertise required to find the perfect safe to meet all of the needs of your home or business.

We work on all types of security safes including:


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Contact us today for your free consultation, and find out what Broadway Lock And Key can do for you!

If you have questions about purchasing a safe in Denver or the surrounding areas call to make an appointment and contact Broadway Lock and Key today! We are your local locksmith in the Denver Metro area!

We repair, service, open & change combinations, on all major brands including:

A&B, Aaron, Adesco, Access, Adesco, Air-Link, Allied, American Security (AmSec), American Vault, Ambassador, Amsec, Arca, Arfe, Ark, Royal, Armor, Art Metal, Baum, Bernardini, Big Horn, Bischoff, Blue Dot, Bode Panzer, Brinks, Brown, Browning, Bumil, Cabels’s, Cannon, Cary, Cencon, Centurion, Chatwood-Milner, Chubb, Cincy, City Safe, Cole, Collier, CSS, De-La-Rue, Diebold, Diplomat, Duet, Eagle, Eclipse, EMO, Empire, Esecutive, Evans & Watson, EXL, Farrel, Fichet, Fichet-Bauche, Format, Fort Knox, Fortis, Fortress, Fujitse, Gardall, Gardex, Gary, General Firproofing, Giant, Glory, Gross-Feibel, Guardian, Hadaikan, Hall Marvin, Halls, Hamilton, Hassendorder, Hayman, Heritage, Hermann, Herring, HHM, Hollon, Hyosung, Inkas, International, ISM, Israeli Lion, Israsafe, Johnson-Pacific, John Tann, Kaso, Keystone, Knight, Kromer, Kumahira, LeFebure, LaGard, Lefebure, Liberty, Lillie, Linus Yale, Lips, LSDA, Major, Mancini, Marvin, Mas-Hamilton, Mauer, Maximum, Mcaskey, McGunn, Mega Safe, Meilink, Miller, Modern Steel, Mosler, Mutual, MVPl, National, NCR, NKL, Oliver Evans, Original, Overly, Paragon, Patriot, Primat, Rand, Reliance, Remington, Rosengrens, S&G, Safe Cabinet, Safeguard, Saga, Sanlic, Schwab, Scientist Safe Cabinet, Securifort, Security Steel, Sentry, Seyma, Shaw-walker, Sisco, SLS, Smart Box, Smith Security, Sportsman Steel, Stack-on, Star, Stratford, Stiffel & Freeman, Surefire, Surimax, Syracuse, Tann, Tarlaris, Tidel, Traum, Tuffy, United Safe Co., U.S. Security, Victor, Vault Structures, Vector, Watson, Wehrle, Wilders, Wilson, Winchester, Wincor-Cineo, Worldwide Safe, WRG, Yawman & Erbe, York

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