Purchasing a safe

There are many different types of safes.  Here at Broadway Lock and Key we like to help you when purchasing a safe in Denver and figure out which one will fit your needs.  Below is a description of the most common different types of safes we offer.  If there is one you have in mind that we do not have listed please contact us so we can find you what you are looking for.

Drop Slot

A drop slot safe is a safe where there is a rectangle hole at the top or door that you pull down and when you close it whatever was sitting there drops down into the safe.  This type of safe is a very common, and we can help you get an affordable one!

drop-safe demonstrating drop slot
drop-safe with two combination doors
record-safe 5 different models

Record Safes

Record safes are also very common safe.  It is most commonly seen in hotels and are on the cheaper end for consumers to purchase.  This safe most commonly is opened by a key or a keypad, and has one main door to open.  Once the door is open you can put valuables in or remove them, then lock your safe back up.  This is the most common type of safe meaning it is also the most affordable.

Gun Safes

Gun safes come in all shapes and sizes with many different ways to get into the safe and secure it.  To open the safe many use keys, key pads, combination locks, or finger print identification.  We can help you pick out the appropriate size and the best way to keep your guns protected and safe.

Gun safe display - 3 models
jewelery-safe with open door
jewelery-safe with drawers and open shelves

Jewelry Safes

Jewelry safes are very similar to record safes.  These safes most commonly have a combination lock on the front with a handle to turn to open the safe.  Once the safe is open there is plenty of space and storage to keep you valuable jewelry.  We can help you pick the best jewelry safe to fit your needs.

Hidden Safes

A Shocking Way To Hide Your Valuables. Even the best thieves cannot break into a safe they cannot find. Nearly every room in most houses contains several electrical outlets, clocks, or vents along the walls, so thieves will never think to look behind them for a household safe. These disguised safes look like ordinary covers, but behind it is a secure place to hide money, jewelry, and other valuables – in plain sight. Installation is easy; give us a call for more details.

hidden safe vent style
hidden safe clock style
hidden safe socket style

If you have questions about purchasing a safe in Denver or the surrounding areas call to make an appointment and contact Broadway Lock and Key today! We are your local locksmith in the Denver Metro area!


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