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Why do auto keys wear down?

Most automobile keys are made from brass.  After years of use, the brass will wear down on the key.  This will eventually cause a problem with a door lock or the ignition.

How does a worn key affect the locking mechanism?

When a key goes into a lock, there are pins or wafers (depending on the lock) that sit on the key at different heights.  The cuts on your car key match the cuts in your lock.

When your key wears down it is actually changing the cuts on your key.  This causes the pins or wafers not to line up, and prevents the lock cylinder from turning,  just as if the wrong key was in the lock.

Is it easy to fix my worn down auto key?

Because the problem is with the key and not the lock, this is an easy fix!  We are able to code cut your key, creating a key that looks exactly like it did when the vehicle was brand new.  This is different than duplicating your existing key, as that creates a copy of your worn down key.

We are mobile and come to you and your vehicle, which is especially convenient if your key won’t turn in your ignition. We will replace your worn car key quickly and affordably.


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