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Common winter lock problems

Of all days to have problems with your lock… It had to happen when it is 5 degrees out – why couldn’t this happen in the middle of July!?
Like all mechanisms, locks can fail.  Especially with weather conditions that exist in Denver Colorado.  If you are having problems with your lock, follow the advice below and you might get yourself out of a jam.

Key won’t turn

Verify that you are using the correct key.  A lot of keys look very similar so it is an easy mistake.
If the key still won’t turn, spray some lubricant in the key hole and take your key and repeatedly put the key straight in the lock and pull straight out.  Do this 5 or 10 times and then try to turn the key.

Door doesn’t latch and stay shut when you close it

Tighten the screws on the hinges or take a hand file to the strike plate. (The metal plate where the latch goes into)

Key is stuck in lock and won’t come out

Take 1 hand and push on the cylinder (little round piece around the key), and take your other hand and pull on the key.
If the key comes out then lucky you, but it is a temporary fix and the lock needs to be repaired or replaced.

Key is hard to turn

  • Don’t force it or your might break the key!
  • Open the door and turn the key to lock and unlock with the door in the open position.
  • If the locks turns easy then it is an alignment issue and you should tighten the screw on the hinges or grind down the strike plate with a file.
  • If the key is equally hard to turn with the door in the open position then the issue is with your lock.
  • Try spraying some lubricant on the lock. (In the key hole or take the lock off the door and spray the internals of the lock)

If your you are still having problems with your lock after trying these recommendations, call Broadway Lock and Key and we can come out and repair or replace the lock.

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