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Keypad locks are among the most effective ways to protect a property and go keyless at the same time. They are usually used together with access control systems. This article will inform about the different types of keypad locks, how they work, and, of course, their many benefits.
Keypad Lock

Touchscreen Locks

If you are an active and busy homeowner who doesn’t want to carry keys around everywhere they go, touchscreen locks can be the perfect solution. You enter a code via the touchscreen to access your home – it’s as easy as that.

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Keypad Deadbolts

Keypad deadbolts are self-explanatory – a deadbolt and an electronic keypad. The keypad is lit for additional visibility and enables keyless entry. They are simple to install, program, and utilize. If you’re looking for easy access, a keyless lever or handle set would be a great option.

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Digital Deadbolt Locks

These locks are a more advanced take on keypad deadbolts. You access them on your tablet or smartphone using Bluetooth technology, and they feature smart locking functions. You can operate the deadbolt, monitor access, and share, delete, disable, and create user codes when you are within the device’s Bluetooth range.

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Deadbolts with Z-Wave

Z-Wave allows devices to link to each other and exchange data, and control commands. This is a wireless communication protocol that mainly smart home networks utilize. You always know who is accessing and leaving your property. Usually, these locks are connected to a smart hub, which provides remote access so you can operate them from your smartphone, irrespective of your location.

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Auto-Lock and Flex-Lock Keyless Locks

After you open an auto-lock keyless lock, it locks for a few seconds automatically. On the other hand, flex-lock keyless locks can be set to relock after a certain period of inactivity, also several seconds in most cases. They let the user control entry to their front, side, and back doors and garage doors more securely and easily. All you need are access codes, which you create and disable as you wish. It’s easy to install both of these types of keyless door locks.

How Keypad Locks Function

Keyless keypad locks require the user to enter a numerical code to access a property or a facility. They enter this code on the pad, which looks like that of a typical calculator. The deadbolt or the lock releases upon entering the correct code. Some mechanisms are unlocked using a weak electrical current or batteries.

Depending on the product, there might be an integrated security feature that locks the door for 10 – 20 minutes after the wrong code is entered several times.

Advantages of Keypad Locks

The advantages of keypad locks over traditional locks with keys include convenience, improved security, easy installation, ease of use, unique designs, more safety for families, enhanced durability, etc. Of these, convenience is the biggest benefit by far. You don’t need to carry keys around, make copies and keep track of them, or change your lock when you misplace the key or have it stolen from you. You determine who needs access to your property – guests, contractors, etc. – and give them a temporary code. Family members can get a permanent code.

Keypad locks are similar to ATMs. You enter a PIN to lock or unlock your doors. You decide who you share this code with. Of course, this is something you need to keep track of. The codes must be written down and kept in a safe place.

Improved Security

The design of keypad locks is different from that of other types of locks. Keypad locks can’t be bumped or picked like traditional ones because they don’t have cylinder mechanisms. This keeps your property more secure and safer. If you feel the code may have been compromised, you just change it.
An intruder cannot break into your property if you equip it with this state-of-the-art security technology. There is no risk of a key falling into the wrong hands.

Safer for Families

People with small children, in particular, will find great relief in having keypad locks installed. It’s very common for a child to lose a key. Then, they’re locked out of the home. Yes, they might (and probably will) forget the security code, but it’s much easier to tell them what it is over the phone than have to leave the office to let them into the house. They can also save the code on their device.
The child enters the security code, and once they’re inside, the door locks automatically, keeping them safe.

Quickly Change Entry Codes

It takes seconds to change a code, so the risk of someone misusing it is minimal. You only give the code to people who need access. Still, you should be careful who you give it to as they can give it to someone else. You can provide temporary codes that expire when someone uses their access.
You can give the babysitter a temporary code, and once she’s inside, the code becomes inactive. This way, she can’t let anyone else in, and if she leaves the house, she can’t get back inside. You are notified automatically of any entry and exit from your home.
If you decide to rent out or sell your property, you don’t need to spend money on changing locks. You just give your tenants or the new owner the access code. Likewise, when you’re moving into a new place that’s equipped with keypad locks, you can just change the code.

More Durable

Everyone knows how traditional locks wear down. Getting the key in and turning it becomes harder and harder. Keypads are more durable than standard locks. A high-quality keypad lock will last very long, although maintenance is not excluded.

Unique Designs

You can choose from all kinds of locks to suit your individual needs, preferences, and requirements. There are minimalistic, conventional, and futuristic designs on the market. The high-tech designs make these devices very difficult to copy. There is no way to duplicate a keypad lock.

Easy Installation

A common misconception surrounding keypad locks is that they require extensive adjustments to install. People think they need a new door or at least a new doorframe. The majority of keypad locks can be installed on a standard door. What’s more, battery-powered and mechanical keypad locks don’t need to be connected to a power source.

Compatible with access control systems

One final benefit of keypad locks is their compatibility with access control systems. If you have a commercial property, you can restrict access during certain hours, even if the person has the right code. It’s also possible to install a keypad entry system inside a building to limit access to certain areas of it. This is useful for business owners who wish to restrict employee access to some parts of the office building at specific hours.

Final Thoughts

Keypad locks play a crucial role in determining convenience, safety, and security. In the past, they were mostly used by business owners for commercial properties. Today, they have found their way into residential ones.

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