POSTED BY Luke | Jul, 09, 2015 | Residential Locks

Baldwin® brand locks come with a Lifetime Warranty.  If your Baldwin® lock breaks due to wear and tear, they will send you a replacement part at no charge.   You can contact Baldwin® Locks’ customer service center at 1-800-566-1986.   They just need to know what part you need.   If you don’t feel like tackling the project yourself, no problem,   we are happy to come out and help.   We can figure out what part is bad and order it for you.  Since we are ordering straight from Baldwin®, we don’t get charged for the part either.

The most common problem is with the thumb push on their entrance sets, like shown in the picture.  If the part is broken, the thumb push will sit crooked and most likely wont open the door.

For more information on Baldwin lock repair, contact Broadway Lock and Key and we will be more than happy to assist.


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