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If you lose your mailbox keys it’s understandable that you may be concerned about how easy it is to replace the keys.

Call us! We can make it a painless experience.

No matter what style your mailbox lock is, we can make a replacement key or replace the lock with a brand new one.  Plus, we are a mobile service! We will drive to your house, apartment, or business and take care of it on the spot.  This means no time out of your day and no headache!

We are often asked if it is legal for us to change the lock since the mailbox is owned by the United States Postal Service. Not only is it legal, but if you call the Postal Service they will tell you to call a locksmith. Occasionally, the Postal Service will replace the lock for you for a charge, but a locksmith is usually the only option.


Whether you have lost your keys or you want to change the lock on your mailbox so no previous tenant or roommate has a key to the mailbox, we can help! Call or email for a free estimate!



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