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At Broadway Lock and Key we focus on security for your home and family. We will provide peace of mind and protection that you need.

If you have lost your keys, are locked out of your car, or are experiencing problems with the locks on your vehicle, Broadway Lock and Key has your solution. We service virtually all makes and models.

Our Denver locksmiths consult with you and to provide the protection you need for your business. We will secure your retail, commercial, storage or office premises based on the specific needs of your facility. 

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Broadway Lock and Key is a Denver Locksmith owned and operated by a Colorado native. We run our locksmith business with honesty and with the pride of workmanship. We like to treat our customers the way that we want to be treated by doing the job the right way the first time. We focus on helping our community and having great communication between our staff and the customer. The best part is that we come to you! If you are locked out, need keys replaced, or need new locks we will come to your location in the Denver Metro area to take care of your residential, commercial or auto locksmith needs.

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Mobile Locksmith in Denver Providing Automotive, Residential and Commercial customers.


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