Latch Protectors

Latch protectors prevent intruders from manipulating the latch on either the door knob, mortise body, or deadbolt. They are used on either in-opening doors or out-opening doors. They’re Great for all types of doors including, but limited to; steel, wood, and aluminum.


Latch guards for in-opening doors help reinforce the door and frame and prevent spreading of the frame. A standard 7″ latch guard fits all backsets, deadbolts and key-in knob locks. A 12″ latch guard for in-opening doors also fits all double locks, mortise locks and access control locks.

Latch guards for out-opening doors protect the latch or bolt. Several sizes and types are available, ranging from a 6″ model designed to fit all backsets, deadbolts and key-in knob locks, on up to a 12″ latch guard for out-opening narrow stile doors.


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