Commercial: Always One Step Ahead.


It has never been more vital to secure your retail, commercial, storage or office premises. That is why we work hand-in-hand with you and your team to deliver the protection you need.   We are your locksmith in Denver and Aurora, CO. We are commercial locksmith professionals, from office doors and file cabinets to outdoor re-keying and perimeter security, we’ve got you covered.

The “Bad Guys” work round the clock. And they are always looking for new and ingenious ways to deprive you and your firm of everything you have worked for.

Our experience of security situations in all kinds of organizations – large and small – means that we can help you identify and manage-out your vulnerabilities, deter intruders and let you get on with the business of running your company.

If the worst should happen and you suffer a break in, simply call us at (303) 578-8539 and we will be there in double-quick time to help get you back on the road towards having a safe, secure and thriving business.

But don’t wait until things do go wrong! If you are just starting out or expanding into further or larger premises, Contact Us and we will be there to help you plan a security strategy for the long-term.

To learn more about why Broadway Lock and Key is the Denver locksmith for successful retailers and businesses in the Denver Metro Area, please call (303) 578-8539 today and make sure that you’ll always remain one step ahead!

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